Atlanta Restaurant Cleaning Service

We are NOT your typical Atlanta house cleaning company. We strive to excel and deliver higher standards than your typical cleaning company, and aim to make getting your home clean simple again, without the hassle of complicated quotes and cluttered invoices and billing.

Cleanliness is one of the most common complaints in restaurant customer reviews, but with CEO Maids, you can focus on doing what you do best: serving great food to happy customers. Our restaurant cleaning services right here in Atlanta are comprehensive and thorough, and whether you’re looking for a one-off cleaning or regular flexible scheduled cleanings, you can count on us to keep your establishment running smoothly and in accordance with health inspections.

Kitchen Cleaning Services

The core of a clean and sanitary restaurant starts in the kitchen. Our cleaning crew will make sure every surface, from stove tops to ovens and prep areas are thoroughly cleaned and sanitized, ready for your next dining service.

Special attention will be directed to scrubbing and buffing the floor and making sure all floors and mats are as non-slip as possible to ensure a safe work area for your kitchen staff.

Our restaurant cleaning crew will also do a deep cleaning of the interior and exterior of kitchen hoods, removing grease out of the hood and exhaust systems.

Dining area and lobby

Once the kitchen is clean and work-ready, our crew will vacuum rugs, scrub and buff floors in the lobby and dining areas, and do a thorough check and cleaning on tables, chairs, booth and seat fabrics, and tablecloths. Any bar areas will be scrubbed down and sanitized, and wood finishes will be polished. Once every surface in the dining area is clean and sparkling, tables and chairs will be arranged for a neat and tidy look.


Your Atlanta based CEO Maid crew will work hard to make sure all bathrooms are made spotless and ready to impress your next customers. Once the floors have been swept and mopped, all surfaces including sinks, toilets, and counters are scrubbed, cleaned, and dried. Paper products, including toilet paper and paper towels will be fully stocked, and all chrome surfaces will be shined and polished.

Don’t risk the cleanliness of your Atlanta restaurant to random spot cleaning: count on CEO Maids to make it shine and sparkle!


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Restaurant Cleaning Service
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