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We are NOT your typical Atlanta house cleaning company. We strive to excel and deliver higher standards than your typical cleaning company, and aim to make getting your home clean simple again, without the hassle of complicated quotes and cluttered invoices and billing.

House Cleaning Services In Atlanta

 CEO Maids is certainly among the best specialists in house cleaning & maid service in Atlanta . We set the standard for such services and provide state-of-the-art, quick, prompt and effective cleaning. The company serves not only the city, but also a number of surrounding towns including Roswell, Smyrna/Vinings, Sandy Springs, Midtown and Buckhead. We use not only the latest cleaning technologies but also environment-friendly cleaning products that eliminate dust, grime and any kind of dirt without causing harm to nature and posing any kinds of risk to human health.

Hiring a cleaning team means that you will have to allow people you don’t know to enter your most private space. CEO Maids is well aware of how important it is to win the trust of their clients – that’s why we work only with the most professional and most reliable cleaning specialists who are also permanently screened and trained. If you are a repeat customer, happy with the way your team did the work the last time over, and book your sessions a few days in advance, the company will send you the same team, the same dedicated cleaning experts who made your home shine bright with cleanliness the other day.

CEO Maids also works for excellent flat rates without requiring clients to enter a long term contract and certainly without surprising customers with hidden fees. We offer discounts even from these already favorable prices – the customers who book a regular, weekly, bi-weekly or monthly service after the first cleaning will benefit from special prices. Payment is just as safe as easy as the scheduling procedure – it can be done online, with the help of a credit card, so you don’t need to worry about having to handle cash.

Our cleaning  services can be booked via telephone or through our great and easy to use online booking platform – whatever type of cleaning service you need, booking it will not take you more than a few minutes. You can hire the company not only for scheduled sessions, but for last-minute, emergency cleaning, too, and even if you have already scheduled the service, you can cancel it or reschedule it whenever you want.

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Hiring Local Specialists in House Cleaning – Atlanta Homeowners Can Benefit from the Best Services and the Best Rates

 If you are a homeowner tired of doing all that cleaning around the house, thinking that there are better ways to spend your time than scrubbing at grimy surfaces and you are currently looking for a professional cleaning service to guarantee that your home is impeccably clean and completely germ-free, the services of house cleaning Atlanta gives home to will certainly give you what you want: perfect cleanliness, comfortable and easy booking procedure, and all these for the most convenient flat rates.

Local cleaners work with sanitation professionals and state-of-the-art tools and equipment to restore the beauty and cleanliness of spaces of any size – you can hire them to clean only one room or you can book a thorough deep-cleaning session for your entire house, the results will be equally spectacular.

cleaning-ladies-atlantaTypes of Services

The best companies specialized in house cleaning in Atlanta, deliver the best results each time their services are required – here are just a few of the types of projects you can hire them for:

  • kitchen cleaning – kitchens are the places that need permanent attention and kitchen cleanliness is absolutely essential for the safety of your food and the health of your family members and your guests. Local cleaners can guarantee that your kitchen space is completely germ-free – they will clean and disinfect your countertops and your backsplash, they will scrub your stove, your sink and your microwave and they will also make sure the furnishing items in your kitchen such as your chairs and tables are clean;
  • bathroom cleaning – another area that must be clean at all times, but also one that is difficult and tiresome to keep clean. Local cleaning services will scrub, dust and disinfect everything in your bathroom including the tub, the countertops, the sinks, the mirrors, the cabinets as well as the most problematic part of any bathroom, the toilet itself;
  • professional cleaning for the bedroom and other living spaces – cleaning services can handle the dusting, vacuuming and cleaning tasks related to all the other living spaces in your home, too. They will remove dust and dirt from your lamps, your floors as well as from under the furniture so that you don’t have to strain your back taking care of all these tedious tasks.

Most cleaning services offer standard services and optional extras, too. While general dusting and scrubbing are included by most companies into the standard package, services such as cleaning the interiors of ovens and fridges, or cleaning basements and walls, are also available, but they are usually considered to be an extra and they are offered for additional, but reasonable fees.

Clients can benefit from various services distinguished based on recurrence as well:

  • you can schedule regular weekly, bi-weekly or monthly cleaning;
  • you can hire the cleaning service for a one-time session, giving your home a thorough cleanup that you can maintain with minimum effort later on;
  • the best maid companies offer special deep cleaning services for clients who move into a new home and want to make sure the space they are just about to settle in is impeccably clean;
  • they also provide move-out cleaning services for those who want to hand over a clean space to a new owner or a new tenant.

The best maid services use their own equipment and cleaning substances in your home, guaranteeing thorough cleaning and the best results without making you spend money on cleaning stuff.

Some Final Thoughts

Hiring a professional cleaning service is beneficial for a number of reasons. You will not only have the peace of mind that your home is a perfectly safe and clean space, but you will also be able to get there without having to exhaust yourself, doing all the scrubbing, dusting and cleaning on your own and without having to spend money on cleaning substances either. Effectiveness and safety come with a warranty as well.

The best specialists in house cleaning Atlanta gives home to, including CEO Maids, offer free re-cleaning if you are not 100% satisfied with the outcome – but you will surely be happy with the results!

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