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We are NOT your typical Atlanta house cleaning company. We strive to excel and deliver higher standards than your typical cleaning company, and aim to make getting your home clean simple again, without the hassle of complicated quotes and cluttered invoices and billing.

Whether you’re moving in or out, preparing for the holidays, or just need a thorough deep cleaning in your Atlanta home, we at CEO Maids know just how to spend extra attention to every corner of your home or business. Our experienced and professional cleaners use state-of-the-art equipment and products that will make sure that everything from counters, floor, mirrors, shelves, desks, and showers will sparkle with cleanliness.

Our deep cleaning service is a delicate but thorough process that requires extra care to the little things, and by bringing in CEO Maids to do the job, you’ll save yourself an enormous amount of time and energy that you can dedicate to the things that are really important for you.

Some of our deep cleaning services include:

Deep Cleaning Bedrooms
Starting from a thorough dusting of ceiling fans, fan blades, and other light fixtures, CEO Maids will remove cobwebs, dust, and scrub dirt and grime from windowsills and frames, light switches, furniture, and all the hard-to-reach places.

Deep Cleaning Common Rooms
Living rooms and entertainment rooms will impress your friends, family, and guests once CEO Maids has performed an immaculate deep cleaning. Everything from furniture, fixtures, entertainment systems, and lampshades will be carefully dusted, and wiped clean. Your carpets and mats will be thoroughly vacuumed and left dust-free and fresh.

Deep Cleaning Offices
An office deep cleaning requires careful attention to office equipment and workspaces, and CEO Maids is highly experienced in making sure that ever hard-to-reach space is left grime- and dust-free.

Deep Cleaning Bathrooms
Bathrooms will get a hard, thorough scrub down of all surfaces, especially the shower floor, walls, and grout. All toilets and faucets will be left spotless leaving your bathroom both sanitary and beautiful.

Deep Cleaning Kitchens
After a diligent cleaning of every square inch of your kitchen counters, floor, and cabinets, it’s time for the small details: glass and metal surfaces will be polished and your kitchen will be left shining and clean.

Leave any and all of your deep cleaning needs to the pros at CEO Maids right here in Atlanta!


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