What Criteria Should You Consider When Choosing And Hiring A House Cleaning Service?

Professional cleaning services are increasingly popular, be them residential or commercial. “Time is money”, and this phrase makes sense today more than ever, not only for company managers but also for homeowners.

Considering that the demand is growing, the number of companies that provide cleaning services increases from month to month, and choosing a company that suits your needs can be difficult. There are some criteria to be considered when hiring cleaning professionals. Let’s check them out!

  • The cleaning contractor’s insurance

Hiring an insured cleaning company will provide you peace of mind every time your home is cleaned. The insurance protects you in case of damage to your property and injury to the workers while they are on your property.

  • Clean headquarters, experience and portfolio

If the headquarters of a cleaning company are clean and well arranged, you know that you stepped through the right doors.  In order to inspire seriousness and professionalism, a cleaning company should make proof of its attention to detail – and what better way to do it than having immaculate headquarters and a rich portfolio, proving years of experience in the business? A renowned company can always be hired with confidence.

  • Trained and carefully selected staff

A professional cleaning company will be interested in investing in the training of its workers, in order to prepare them to deal with any cleaning projects and professional equipment. Trained workers will provide safe and efficient services.

  • The price

In order to attract customers, many companies offer services for very low prices. The problem is that a low price may reflect questionable services, so make sure you take into account several other criteria besides the price, before hiring a cleaning company. Always choose a company that calculates the price on square meter instead of one that charges you per hour and also ask about the accepted payment options, cancellation policy and guarantees.

  • Customizable service packages

Choose a flexible company that offers customizable services.  Your needs are most likely different than other homeowners’ or commercial clients’, so make sure you find a company that can fit in your program and preferences. Whether you need periodic or one-time cleaning services, before or after noon, in the entire house or in certain rooms only, a cleaning company should be able to meet your needs.

  • Supplies

Make sure the cleaning service furnishes all the equipment and cleaning supplies needed to clean your home. Ask about environmentally-friendly options, because every professional cleaning company these days should be able to provide services using biodegradable, non-toxic products.