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When It Is The Right Time To Hire A Cleaning Company?

Many people use funny, stereotypical phrases to justify their lack of mood for cleaning:

  • You never know what you have until you clean your house.
  • I love cleaning up messes I didn’t make… So I became a mom.
  • My room is not dirty. I just have everything on display. Like a museum.
  • A clean house is a sign of lacking Internet connection.
  • My house was clean. Then the kids woke up.

Instead of looking for a plausible excuse for not cleaning up, you should better consider contacting a company specialized in providing cleaning services to residential clients. Why? Because living in a clean environment is important for your health.

You know it is time to hire professional cleaning services:

  • If you’re working long hours
  • If cleaning is not your thing, if you have health issues or if you feel too old to properly deal with it
  • If you have special occasions coming up
  • If you have pest issues

In the latter case especially, you can easily lose control over the safety of the environment you are living in. But professional cleaning services can help you in this matter too: many of them have the knowledge, equipment and training to eliminate insect infestation in a safe and effective way. A homeowner trying to deal with a pest infestation on his own can barely touch the tip of the problem, while the cause of it remains untouched. At some points, pests may seem to be eliminated, but a larger scale infestation can continue to develop without noticing it. Such infestations can cause significant health risks and may also destroy property.

Pests that should always be left in the hands of professionals in charge of cleaning services

  • Termites and other insects that feed on wood

They can cause significant damage in your home that materializes in expensive repairs.

  • Bed Bugs

They are often hiding in places that are hard to reach, like behind switches and wallpapers. In addition, they are very resistant, known to live even a few months without eating and surviving in temperatures from zero to about 50 degrees Celsius.

  • Insects that sting – like fire ants, bees, wasps and hornets

These will attack if threatened and may pose a very serious risk, causing a dangerous allergic reaction called “anaphylactic shock”.

If you can’t handle the house cleaning tasks, if you never seem to have enough time on your hands, if you have an important event coming, it is the time to call a professional service. If you notice an infestation, it is definitely the time to contact a cleaning company that also specializes in pest control and disinfection.

What Criteria Should You Consider When Choosing And Hiring A House Cleaning Service?

Professional cleaning services are increasingly popular, be them residential or commercial. “Time is money”, and this phrase makes sense today more than ever, not only for company managers but also for homeowners.

Considering that the demand is growing, the number of companies that provide cleaning services increases from month to month, and choosing a company that suits your needs can be difficult. There are some criteria to be considered when hiring cleaning professionals. Let’s check them out!

  • The cleaning contractor’s insurance

Hiring an insured cleaning company will provide you peace of mind every time your home is cleaned. The insurance protects you in case of damage to your property and injury to the workers while they are on your property.

  • Clean headquarters, experience and portfolio

If the headquarters of a cleaning company are clean and well arranged, you know that you stepped through the right doors.  In order to inspire seriousness and professionalism, a cleaning company should make proof of its attention to detail – and what better way to do it than having immaculate headquarters and a rich portfolio, proving years of experience in the business? A renowned company can always be hired with confidence.

  • Trained and carefully selected staff

A professional cleaning company will be interested in investing in the training of its workers, in order to prepare them to deal with any cleaning projects and professional equipment. Trained workers will provide safe and efficient services.

  • The price

In order to attract customers, many companies offer services for very low prices. The problem is that a low price may reflect questionable services, so make sure you take into account several other criteria besides the price, before hiring a cleaning company. Always choose a company that calculates the price on square meter instead of one that charges you per hour and also ask about the accepted payment options, cancellation policy and guarantees.

  • Customizable service packages

Choose a flexible company that offers customizable services.  Your needs are most likely different than other homeowners’ or commercial clients’, so make sure you find a company that can fit in your program and preferences. Whether you need periodic or one-time cleaning services, before or after noon, in the entire house or in certain rooms only, a cleaning company should be able to meet your needs.

  • Supplies

Make sure the cleaning service furnishes all the equipment and cleaning supplies needed to clean your home. Ask about environmentally-friendly options, because every professional cleaning company these days should be able to provide services using biodegradable, non-toxic products.

Should You Hire A Professional Service Or An Individual To Clean Your Home?

When you decide to hire someone to clean your home, you have two alternatives: a person providing such services on their own, or a specialized company.

Considering the pros and the cons

Sites and newspapers are full of ads in which “hardworking, punctual and responsible” people offer their services to those looking to hire someone to clean their home. However, in practice, it is not so easy to find a person that you can unreservedly allow in your home. Opting for the services of a professional cleaning company will save you from this trouble, but you will still need to check if the company is licensed, ensured and experienced, before signing any contract.

Price and Legal Aspects

An individual will charge less than a cleaning company and you will only need to worry about providing the supplies and cleaning products for the cleaner to use. Then again, things are not that simple. Consider what happens if something from your property is broken or stolen, or if the person you hired becomes sick or suffers an accident on your property. What is the legal base to solve these issues? If you hire a cleaning company, things are legally clear, because any professional contractor is licensed and must carry liability insurance as well as worker’s compensation.

Professional Tools and More Options

Another important thing to consider is that, even for residential cleaning, professional tools can make a big difference in the quality of the provided services. A cleaning company has all the necessary tools for a great and fast job, while individuals depend on the tools and the products you give them to use.

Typically, cleaning companies have different service packages, some of them customizable to match the needs of every client. The basic services required by customers and included in most of the professional packages are:

  • vacuuming , mopping or machine washing the floors;
  • dusting , cleaning and disinfecting toilets and other surfaces;
  • cleaning house appliances;
  • cleaning mirrors and shelves;
  • washing windows; carpet cleaning;
  • disposing of garbage;
  • deodorizing and refreshing the rooms.

Final Thoughts

Basically, cleaning companies provide safety, rapidity, professional tools and solutions; they are more expensive than hiring individuals, but they offer full customer satisfaction and minimize any potential problems.

Keep in mind that cleaning is almost never fun; it is quite difficult and time consuming, causing a lot of headache sometimes. You surely have enough to worry about as it is, so why not consider leaving “the dirty job” to the true professionals?

7 Items to Make Your Home a Safer Place

7 Items to Make Your Home a Safer Place
7 Items to Make Your Home a Safer Place

7 Items to Make Your Home a Safer Place

Whether you recently bought a new home or you’ve lived in your house for decades, no residence is complete without proper safety equipment. Below are seven safety features every homeowner should consider adding to their house.

  1. Smoke Detectors — Many experts recommend dual-sensor smoke detectors. As the name suggests, these detectors use two sensors; a photoelectric sensor recognizes smoldering fires, and an ionization sensor can detect open flames.
  2. Fire Extinguisher — Don’t pick the first fire extinguisher you see at the home improvement store. Choose wisely. Some extinguishers are best for one type of fire but not for others (and some are classified to fight the three major types).
  3. First Aid Kit — Injuries happen unexpectedly, so it’s best to be prepared with a first aid kit. Don’t forget to personalize your home’s kit with your family’s essential medications, emergency contacts and physicians’ names.
  4. Carbon Monoxide Detector — Carbon monoxide (CO) is an odorless, colorless gas that is a byproduct of fuel-burning appliances like furnaces, fireplaces and portable generators. Detectors provide the only method for homeowners to identify the presence of this poisonous gas.
  5. Fire Escape Ladders — These ladders are imperative for safe evacuation from two- and three-story homes. Experts recommend having a ladder stored in each room on upper floors and making sure everyone in the home knows how to use them.
  6. Standby Generator — Depending on where you live, a standby generator for your home may be a worthwhile investment. It can be particularly helpful if you live in a rural or storm-prone area or if the electrical grid for your neighborhood often fails.
  7. Disaster Kits — Disaster kits go beyond the first aid kit mentioned earlier. Should a flood, hurricane, tornado or other natural disaster strike, be ready with adequate provisions and supplies.


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How to Prepare Your Home for Colder Weather

CEO Maids Fall Checklist

How to Prepare Your Home for Colder Weather

Do you make a checklist of home maintenance and repair tasks before summer arrives? You should, and you should make a similar to-do list ahead of winter. An afternoon of maintenance in the fall can save time and money when the cold hits. Here are several areas to check and inspect before the cold arrives:

Gutters — Clean them out before and after the leaves fall. To make the occasional cleanup job even quicker, install gutter guards, which help prevent leaves from clogging up gutters.

Roof — While you have the ladder out, take a look at the roof. Check for damaged or torn shingles and replace them, or give your trusted roofer a call. Next inspect the flashing around skylights, the chimney and any roof vents. Replace bad flashing before a winter storm tests it for you. Also, screen over any gable vents to the attic. A warm, dry place is exactly what pests are looking for on a cold night.

Windows — After the heat of summer, the seals around windows can expand and contract, and the rubber can become brittle. Check for air leaks around your home, including around window frames. If you find gaps, re-caulk as necessary.

Chimney — Over time, soot and creosote can build up in chimneys, which can become dangerous. You can clean out the ashes yourself, but if you use your fireplace often, schedule a more advanced cleaning with a chimney sweep each year.

Furnace — Annual furnace maintenance is an important task to leave to a professional who can make sure the system is safely able to keep you warm throughout the winter. What can homeowners do? Change the air filter regularly to ensure proper and efficient airflow.

Detectors — Fall is a good time to replace the batteries in both smoke and carbon monoxide detectors. Use daylight saving time as a reminder, and make the battery change right after you set back the clocks in your home.

Yard — Fall is no time to skimp on yard maintenance. Make sure to keep the leaves raked or mulched, as leaves can hold moisture in the soil and cause a variety of lawn diseases. Fall is also the perfect time to aerate the lawn.

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